Two awards to our logistics team in Finland

Finnish business media Kauppalehi has granted two awards to Tschudi Logistics Finland.

The two prizes ”Growth company 2020” and ”Achievers 2020” were given to our office in Turku.

Jussi Heinonen who manages our office in Finland tells about the current situation and how he has experienced the growth and acheivements for Tschudi Logistics Finland.

“During the past three years we have experienced a growing demand from both our current clients and from new clients coming in. This successful development has enabled us to expand our department here in Turku, Finland. Growing our team has expanded our set of skills, which has then further enabled us to take on new clients and several larger projects. We have truly experienced that growth breeds growth – and we feel confident that we can continue to drive our business in a positive direction.“

Close collaboration breaks borders

"We work in close collaboration with the other Tschudi Logistics offices. For example teamwork with our office in Estonia included handling of cargo and transshipment for a large boiler in Port of Paldiski. The teamwork made it possible for us to provide the client with on-site management and local knowledge.

Our close collaboration with our other offices means that we are able to benefit from several local contacts worldwide.

We always aim to provide top level customer service. Our team is prepared to go the extra mile to deliver! In our area of work things are sometimes not that straight forward, unforeseen things like weather changes, etc. happen from time to time. Therefore, it is essential to always be prepared and motivated to solve problems as they arise. The most important thing for us is that our clients can trust that we complete the task no matter what issues arise along the way.” concludes Jussi.

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