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Building on over 140 years of hands-on experience, we provide creative solutions - always cost efficient, safe and reliable with focus on minimizing emissions.

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We thrive on challenges

By offering integrated transport solutions we minimize costs and increase efficiency for our clients. Our dedicated teams are experts within their fields. We strive to always be prepared for the unexpected - never afraid to take on challenging tasks.

DP Galyna under Tschudi Ship Management

With local offices in Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Poland, Estonia, Ukraine, Germany, Mozambique, Angola and China we strive to provide our clients with a personal touch locally with all projects.  

We are big enough to be able but small enough to really care - always treating your cargo as if it was our own!

Nordic roots - Global reach

Today our Group is owned by the 4th and 5th generation of the Tschudi family. Our daily business is run by the management team, with Felix H. Tschudi as Executive Chairman.

Surviving as a family business for more than a century requires innovation, agility and dedication. Our values are based on a solid foundation developed over four generations while our core businesses have adapted continuously to changing conditions and new market trends.

Operating in many countries our specialist teams are encouraged to collaborate outside their specific expertise with colleagues elsewhere. By doing so, we create new competitive cross-sector solutions for the Ocean Industries and assist in laying the foundation of activities as yet unknown.

Our offices in Europe and China benefit from each other's expertise.

Effective corporate governance is the foundation of a well-run business. Our management and governance are built on flat structures and short communication lines. We give plenty of trust and responsibility to our dedicated and committed team of management, employees and partners. Combining our own and international practices, we build locally adapted resilient and effective governance in our various markets.

Creating value by daring to be different

We dare to solve tasks with new methods and creative thinking rooted in our core values:


Be ahead! Create opportunities.

We take opportunities and think options.

We act before a solution becomes a problem or even better turn it into an opportunity.


We are committed to our core values.

We support and respect new ideas, our customers, colleagues and owner.

This is only possible if you are committed to and trust your colleagues so that everyone can contribute positively.


We respect our colleagues and clients by delivering on time and give reliable feedback and support.

We gain the customers trust and respect by delivering above their expectations.

We respect differences in culture and personalities.

Our ESG journey

We act as a responsible corporate citizen, living our values in relation to the businesses, societies and environments where we operate. We will leave a positive footprint!

Our Commitment
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Companies in the Tschudi Group

The Group's main commercial competences are shipping and maritime services, ocean industries support and logistics solutions.

How did it start? 

The founders of our company were both captains onboard the world's first sailing tankers. At the time, Norway was ranked as the third biggest seafaring nation after England and the USA with most shipping companies founded by active captains.

In 1891 Captain Henry F. Tschudi joined Captain Camillo Eitzen as a partner in the shipping company Camillo Eitzen & Co. (founded 1883), later renamed Tschudi & Eitzen.

After being pioneers onboard sailing tankers, the two Captains very early converted from sail to steam, then to diesel and later became pioneers in combination carriers and submersible heavy-lift.

Sailing Tanker Einar - among the first in the world. Always seeking novel solutions, combining new thinking, vast knowledge and experience.

A new era started for Tschudi Shipping Company AS in 2003 after the split of Tschudi & Eitzen into two separate family-owned companies.

The new company required a new logo. Both our logo and funnel mark carry histories - read more here.

It is personal - combining our name with a flag based on the original funnel mark from 1896.

Today the Tschudi Group is owned by the 4th and 5th generation of the Tschudi family. The third generation, Captain Henry F. Tschudi, who was engaged in the family ship-owning business from 1970–1992, would also follow the business actively.

From left: Felix H. Tschudi, Edle Astrup Tschudi, the late Captain Henry F. Tschudi and Henry F. Tschudi

Each generation has been entrepreneurial and committed to changing and adapting to the times they are living in. Our vision "Creating value by daring to be different" reflects this attitude.

Our Group’s 125th anniversary film highlights some memorable events. History never dates and is useful to keep us alert and humble with regard to the changes we will face in the future. You can read more about our eventful past in our History section.

Looking for a career in Tschudi?

The Tschudi Group's performance is based on the expertise and experience of a strong international team operating in many countries and business areas.

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