The Russo-Japanese war of 1904

During the early 1900s the Tschudi & Eitzen ships operated in Chinese waters. One task was transporting Chinese immigrant workers from Hainan to Malaysia.

Things changed dramatically when the Russo-Japanese war broke out in 1904. While in Port Arthur, the ship “Sentis” came under Japanese fire and was seized by the Russians. Our Captain onboard was Niels Stange Nielsen.

“Sentis” was ordered to a neutral harbour “Chefoo” where the Norwegian officers were detained for three months before being allowed to return to Norway. In Port Arthur “Sentis” was sunk by the Japanese. Our loss was compensated by war insurance.

Captain Niels Stange Nielsen includes his personal account of this memorable incident in his book "50 years at sea". He also refers to another Norwegian Captain who, several years later, found a ship's clock engraved with "D/S Sentis Kristiania 1902" in a local junk shop in Port Arthur!

114 years later when in Port Arthur, Felix H. Tschudi paid respect to Captain Nielsen and his crew. This historical event is yet another which shows commitment and true dedication.

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