Our responsibility

We operate worldwide offering shipping and maritime related services, logistics and ocean industry solutions. Our responsibility is for the environment we operate in and the health, safety and security of everyone involved in our operations.

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We put high emphasis on environmental issues and expect that employees and subcontractors follow our values. This entails being proactive regarding environmental challenges, actively taking environmental responsibility and promoting the development and use of environmentally friendly technologies.


We aim to be responsible corporate citizens in the communities we operate. We put emphasis on creating local employment opportunities and supporting local subcontractors. Complying with Group policies and procedures we ensure the safety of lives, the environment, vessels and cargoes.


Our governance policies include measuring our performance to track our own and our partners’ responsibilities so we can reach our targets.We believe that effective corporate governance is the best tool for our company to create long-term returns while operating sustainably in every sense of the word. 

Our ESG journey

Being a family-owned company, our name is tied to our business. Our aim is to be as proud of our brand as we are of the family name. Employees and partners shall truly feel that they are part of, or close friends of the family. Hence ESG issues have always had priority with us.

We strongly believe that the increased focus on ESG requirements for traceability and transparency is to our advantage. We aim to live our values and prove compliance with the standards by quantifying and recording all relevant data now and in the future.

It is our Group policy that all our companies shall be ISO compliant. Building on that the operational units, Tschudi Logistics and Tschudi Ship Management, are certified to the DNV standards of ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 45001 (Occupational, Health & Safety) and ISO 14001 (Environment). We are committed in all aspects and our standards are high. Read more.

Tschudi Ship Management is serving the offshore wind industry.

Operating in several geographical markets and offering a wide range of services, our focus is on the Sustainable Development Goal 13 - "Climate Action".

We plan to deliver and develop services that allow customers to reduce their emissions. This responsibility includes measuring and reporting our environmental performance, as well as setting concrete quantitative targets for future performance.

It is also highly relevant for us to integrate the Sustainable Development Goal 17 – “Partnerships for the goals” into our corporate strategy. We work in partnerships with our customers, suppliers and academic institutions.

We shift cargoes from shore to sea and road to rail when possible.

Our aim is to find better solutions and create value through co-operation. It is a clear advantage for us and our business partners that we develop joint solutions to the ESG challenges. We invite our customers and suppliers to help define and communicate where and how we can improve individually and together.

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