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We have been in the offshore business since 1973, providing offshore support, salvage and wreck removal services worldwide. Today we provide integrated offshore wind support services whereever clients or the wind are.

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In addition to specific ship management and logistics services, we offer comprehensive solutions combining several Tschudi resources.


  • our offshore support portfolio of over 100 projects, 50+ being offshore wind related
  • our Team's extensive experience in managing and crewing diverse vessels worldwide
  • our notable reputation within the offshore sector, particularly from SOV, AHTS, PSV and Pax/Accommodation vessel conversions, reactivation and operation
  • our regular inspections, maintenance and repairs thus minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency
  • our highly skilled crew pool, having conducted over 78,000 offshore personnel transfers. Our in-house recruitment team also provides workforce solutions.


  • a small and agile organization, sought after by multinational companies
  • transport of all cargos regardless of size, weight or destination
  • expertise from many energy related transports, including successfully tailored door-to-door solutions for Haliade X wind turbine nacelle frames, rotor houses, hugs, flanges and solar power equipment
  • efficient logistics management - particularly crucial for smooth operations in remote offshore locations
  • a team of experts who ensure timely procurement, transport and delivery and oversee the entire supply chain with precision
  • additional services e.g. transshipment services for improved efficiency and reduced costs, if required
  • for special projects we offer a seamless cooperation between ship management and logistics services.
  • we have also conducted several energy related transports, including successfully tailored door-to-door solutions for Haliade X wind turbine nacelle frames, rotor houses, hubs, flanges, and solar power equipment – just to name a few!


All Tschudi Group activities adhere to ISO standards, mitigating risks and ensuring consistent delivery of services that meet client and regulatory requirements.

With increased focus on ESG requirements we focus and deliver services contributing towards environmentally friendly solutions. This includes strengthening our position within offshore wind. With offices in Scandinavia, Poland, Netherlands and the Baltics, we are hands-on for existing and future developments.

We support to expand “Scope of Work” within OW Transport & Installation (T&I) and Operation & Maintenance (O&M) with local content and presence.

Tender phase - logistic solutions:

  • Feasibility and cost studies
  • Port planning (warehousing and storage solutions)
  • Logistic planning and concept development
  • Sourcing and procurement
  • Technical studies (lifting, loading and handling

Execution phase - management solutions and operations including:

  • Integrated logistics solutions: port & site management, component handling, freight forwarding and transportation plus transportation of equipment at sea and on land worldwide
  • Strong sub-contracting management
  • Consistent project / quality controls


Technical support: Operation & maintenance / Provision of personnel/technicians / Marine operation

Vessel management: Technical, operational and commercial (including tenders) / Crew management

We ensure compliance with statutory regulations and industry certification, also including that of sub-contractors.

In addition, our waste port area of 100 hectares in northern Norway is suitable for the production and assembly of offshore wind structures. We also have a large stock of aggregates suitable for concrete constructions and offshore use. Orders can be delivered efficiently from Kirkenes.

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We act as a responsible corporate citizen, living our values in relation to the businesses, societies and environments where we operate. We will leave a positive footprint!

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