How we deliver integrated services to one specific project

In 2020 Tschudi Arctic Transit successfully carried out another series of LNG transshipments in the Sarnes Fjord near Honningsvåg (North Cape). Our services enable a quicker turn-around of the Arc7 ice-class LNG carriers and increases the transport capacity for our customer.

In June 2019 Tschudi completed an impressive series of LNG STS shipments at Honningsvåg, Northern Norway. Since commencement in November 2018, a total of 123 transshipments amounting to 19.8 million m3 of LNG were completed. Also including several simultaneous STS-hattricks involving 3 Arc7 ice-class LNG tankers and 3 conventional LNG vessels.

In 2014, Tschudi Arctic Transit conducted a series of STS operations in the Sarnesfjord, Honningsvåg (near North Cape).  On average every fifth day, 70.000 tons of Russian crude oil was transshipped from a shuttle vessel to a 100.000 tonner for further shipment. Here you can see how we work.

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