Our entry to the Offshore & Towage market

A business venture in East Pakistan led us to the offshore & towage market.

In 1964, Tschudi & Eitzen were transporting refined oil products from Kuwait and fuel oil from Sicilia. Transport was in 24.000 dwt vessels to the estuary of the River Karnapuli at Chittagong in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh).

Due to the shallow river it was necessary to transship at the mouth of the river into smaller 16.000 dwt vessels and part load with 8.000 tons oil in order to be able to sail up the river and access the port of Chittagong.

With only having the one 24.000 dwt M/T Sibella in our fleet we bought two additional 24.000 dwt vessels and three 16.000 dwt vessels to assist with this operation.

Naming ceremony for M/T Sibella in 1952

When the 2 year Chittagong contract was completed, the Suez crisis had arisen and the canal was subsequently closed. However we were still able to use the 3 new tugs and 3 barges, already contracted for this operation, for conventional salvage and towage. And that was our entry to the market!

In 1973 International Towage Contractors (ITC) was established to be commercial and operational managers for our tugs and barges. ITC was later rebranded to Tschudi Offshore & Towage (TOT) and a fully owned subsidiary of Tschudi Shipping Company. All business activities of Tschudi Offshore & Towage are now conducted under Tschudi Ship Management Holland B.V.

Throughout the years, we have completed an impressive number of tows and salvage operations. Too many to mention here however, highlights can be read in our magazines. The latest edition is available here. For previous editions contact us.

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