Tschudi Ship Management's global reach

Our team has regular business in four continents – managing vessels in Europe, Africa, the Americas and Asia.  

We are proud of our versatility and ability to adapt to new vessels and markets when required. Not only do we manage vessels, but we also assist clients in newbuilding and rebuilding processes.

Active in Asia 

We manage Fatima II - a bulk carrier operating in the Persian Gulf.

Fatima II is a special-purpose vessel designed specifically for transporting aggregates.  She has been in our management since 2015 and we take great care of her. 

Our Fleet Manager and Technical Superintendent also added their personal touch by attending the final 4 months of the building at Nantong Shipyard in China. They ensured that everything was finalised and taken care of before delivery to our client.    

It is a great honour for us at to be the preferred ship manager of the then brand-new vessel and continue to serve our good and long-term client in Bahrain.

 Active in South America 

We manage Cabo Star - a passenger ferry operating between Trinidad & Tobago. Photo: Marko Välja

Cabo Star was originally built as ro-ro cargo vessel for 12 passengers. Following an extensive project, she is now classified as a “limited ro-ro passenger vessel” and accommodates 130 passengers.

We were very involved in the conversion. When we took over the management she was only allowed to trade on a temporary basis. It took almost a year to work out a concept to enable her to carry 130 passengers on a permanent basis. In close cooperation with her Classification Society RINA our technical team did all the preparations for the final execution at the Trinidad shipyard.

With approximately 50 European subcontractors engaged for various jobs, the whole project was completed within 10 days. This was an extensive project and one which we are proud to have coordinated and completed in record time, also within our budget!

Active in Africa 

MV Bluefort one of the floatels under our ship managment. Photo: Marko Välja

The floatels under our management have been regularly chartered to big players in the European offshore wind market but are operating in the African market. We are also proud to have assisted with the completion of the MV Bluefort conversion - transforming her from a ro-pax vessel to floatel, serving the offshore wind market.

With Tschudi Angola-Navegação (TAN) in Luanda and Tschudi Mozambique in Maputo we are locally represented with both East and West Africa.  Now with a ramp-up in Mozambique we are further strengthening our good business relations in the African market.

We have a strong track record from operating our AHTS vessels offshore Angola and our dredging support vessel in Soyo Port. At one point we had a total of 4 vessels operating offshore Angola. In addition, having employed Angolian crews, we have an even stronger presence in the offshore sector.

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