Tracing Our Roots And Maritime Legacy

The Tschudi Group boasts a rich heritage, steeped in family traditions and history.

Hailing from Switzerland, the Tschudi family's heritage inspired the original funnel mark design, adorned with the Zurich coat of arms on a red belt merged with the colours of Norway. This emblem serves as the cornerstone of our identity and vision.

It was from this design that our logo found its inspiration. The Tschudi logo, uniquely personal, depicts the family name with features of the original funnel mark - signifying both our ancestry and maritime heritage.

Embodied in the fabric of our flag lies a legacy spanning over a century, a testament to the shared values and enduring spirit of the Tschudi Group.

Today we are a diversified Group with many activities. Together all our companies form a tight-knit network, driven by a unified purpose to deliver tailored solutions meeting the needs of our global clientele.

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