Ocean Industries - an increasingly important segment

By combining our services, logistics and maritime skills from shipping and offshore support, we provide tailored solutions for the Ocean Industries. A business segment which is maybe not too familiar, but definitely one which will be increasingly important.

Many other companies are also evolving with their customers to protect and enable new investments in areas including renewable energy and offshore aquaculture.  An example is Skuld, one of the world’s leading insurance providers, dedicated to supporting the Ocean Industries. 

Below you can read some interesting comments from the recent Ocean Insights' interview of Skuld’s President & CEO Ståle Hansen.

What do you see as the greatest opportunity for the Ocean Industries over the next decade?

The ocean is key to the development of society. It can provide the nutrition, energy, trade, fair distribution of goods which a growing global population, under increasing environmental pressure, needs. For our customers the opportunity lies in how they can use their considerable experience and expertise to unlock new potential – for example transferring traditional offshore expertise into supporting wind farm development or offshore aquaculture or pioneering more sustainable shipping solutions.  

What do you regard as the greatest challenge?

Decarbonisation is the greatest challenge facing shipping and the Ocean Industries it supports. We need to keep abreast of developments and adjust our approaches accordingly, ensuring optimal training, integration, quality and safety.

What do you see as the unique strength of your business and how will it help you succeed?

Competence is one thing, but when that’s combined with real service culture and customer understanding you have a powerful mix that helps build and continually improve customer relationships. We’ve been working side by side with our customers for 124 years, so I believe our understanding of the maritime and ocean arenas is second to none. The fact that we can be on the ground in key locations around the world is critical when it comes to relationships and catering for large or complex claims.

Much of what Ståle Hansen says is also very relevant for the Tschudi Group. Being present many places, we are able to tailor-make solutions to our customers based on knowledge of their business and our accumulated Group experience.

Tschudi Shipping has been a member of Skuld from the very beginning. Felix H. Tschudi has also been on its Board of Directors and is presently in the Members' Committee.

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