Well positioned in the High North

We are proud of our various activities in northern Norway. Located at Skjervøy, Tschudi Marine Services (TMS) is now progressing well.

After an initial period completing the on-site workshop, prioritizing new clients and building customer relations, our team is now ready to serve maritime and shore-based industries in the region.

One new venture is actually a "first" and for two reasons!  TMS has started production of the first series of two new products: fish flush containers and fish cutting machines for one of the biggest white fish producers in the region.

The fish flushing containers offer two special features – stacking for increased storage space plus, fish flushing that is 4 times faster than today. These products come in addition to aluminium containers which already are a well-known product for the fish farming industry. Our products, specially designed together with TMS’s customers and business partners, are available as both standard products and tailor-made upon request.

Further TSM offers customers a range of services including scraping fishing boats, maintenance and underwater inspections.


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