Well done Tschudi Ship Management

Surpassing our clients' expectations remains our top priority! It's therefore with great pleasure that we share the commendations our ship management team has earned.


This positive feedback relates to TSM's project of reactivating and modifying the four Oceanica vessels:  Oceanicasub VIII, Oceanicasub XI, Oceanicasub XI and Oceanicasub X -  all being revamped for the offshore industry, to then return to Brazil after refurbishment.

Now safely back in Niteroi, Brazil the crew of Ocanicasub X express their gratitude to TSM:


Please be informed that OSV Oceanicasub X (ex. AHTS Far Sabre) has been safely delivered to (Brazil, Niteroi) on 30.01.2024
Tschudi Ship Management AS crew successfully passed Port State Control, Interim ISM MLC ISPS audits with minimum minor remarks.
The smooth transfer of management is in progress.

Soon, the crew will be ready for the next mission/ challenge.
Thank you for your support and proper cooperation.
We are glad to demonstrate our professional skills and marine practice.
For us, TSCHUDI embodies safety, quality, and professionalism, values that resonate with every member of our crew.

Best regards,
Crew of OSV Oceanicasub X


Crew of Oceanicasub X

The four Oceanica Netherland B.V. vessels "Oceanicasub VIII", "Oceanicasub IX", "Oceanicasub XI" and "Oceanicasub X"  under our management have been refurbished at the Green Yard Kleven in Norway.

"Oceanicasub VIII", for instance, received an additional client office, a 50t offshore crane, and a mezzanine deck for work class ROV. The accommodation capacity was also increased from 38 to 48 persons. Additional position reference systems for DP, HIPA, and radius, were also among other improvements.

To fit the owners' branding, all vessels underwent hull cleaning and painting during docking. Prior to completion, all vessels underwent statutory audits overseen by our SHEQ department to ensure compliance with class requirements. The vessels will return to Brazil to serve the offshore majors, now under the full management of their owners.

Oceanicasub VIII and other Oceanica vessels alongside at Kleven Yard, Norway. Photo: Captain of Oceanicasub VIII

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