A warm welcome to MS Isabelle

We are pleased to inform about the latest addition to the Tschudi Ship Management (TSM) fleet - namely ropax MS Isabelle. This new vessel marks a significant milestone in our team's commitment to provide professional and versatile ship management services.

The Canadian accommodation vessel provider Bridgemans Services Group, with whom TSM have had a cooperation since 2016, recently acquired the large cruise ferry from the Estonian ferry operator Tallink. The ferry will now be converted in Estonia for future use as a "luxurious home away from home" accommodation ship.

The extensive refurbishment is currently being carried out at Paljassare Harbour, executed by the experienced Estonian company SRC Group. Upon completion, she will be deployed on contract in Canada where TSM will continue to provide ship management services.

The acquisition of Isabelle aligns with TSM's commitment to provide exceptional offshore support services. Further, the collaboration with a local port, refit company and full management provider showcases Estonia's competence and capability in delivering all-round maritime services.

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