Supporting green energy

With increased focus on ESG requirements, whenever possible, we develop and deliver services contributing towards environmentally friendly solutions.

In this respect Group focus on the offshore wind sector has continued. This has resulted in several transportations of equipment to wind farms, recently including the Faroe Islands, Vietnam and France!

Our recently established office in Szczecin has also been supporting this sector. TschudiLogistics’ good reputation and local presence led our Polish team to a new customer and a series of deliveries for the French offshore sector.

This is not just a “first” for Tschudi Logistics but also for GE Renewable Energy (GE) and France! At their plant near Saint-Nazaire, GE is constructing and testing the Haliade X - one of the world’s largest wind turbines. The new and first French offshore wind farm at Saint-Nazaire will be equipped with 80 of GE’s Haliade wind turbines.

Constructing wind turbines is a complex process. At the GE factory focus is on manufacturing Haliade X generators and assembling nacelles (the case that houses the generator and other equipment on top of the tower). In this instance, the steel nacelles frames are produced at Szczecin by our customer JVP Steel Poland.

Photo: Tschudi Logistics

With good planning and precision in October 2021 our Polish logistics team successfully organised the first shipment of 8 frames from their home port of Szczecin to the Port of Montoir. With a width of 8 meter per frame the cargo can certainly be classified as “large and heavy”.

On arrival in France the elements were transferred by SPMT to the receiver’s premisses located close to the discharging terminal. Finally, the frames have been precisely placed on the concrete supports already prepared for this purpose.

A follow up shipment of 10 frames was completed in February. The total project consists of 100 frames, the remainder of which will be shipped throughout 2022-2023.

This is an innovative project in an important sector which Tschudi Logistics is naturally pleased to serve. Our team will do their utmost to support our customer with all future deliveries.

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