Pleased to introduce our Superintendents

With this update we would like to present our Tschudi Ship Management Team of Superintendents. Being a diversified Group, our various business activities entail different roles within our organization. In this context, we would like to give an insight into the daily work of our skilled team in Tallinn who diligently oversee and maintain vessels worldwide.

When introducing our ship management company, we frequently experience that the other party is not familiar with what a ship management company does or what the job of a Technical Superintendent entails.

So what does it really mean to be a Technical Superintendent in a ship management team?

Tschudi Ship Management is currently conducting a series on just that with the aim to highlight the responsibilities and challenges faced daily by our team of Superintendents. These professionals are tasked with ensuring ships are in optimal condition, adhere to safety regulations, and operate efficiently, thus contributing to the seamless functioning of a maritime fleet.

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Our team seen here with Crew Coordinator Julia Anderson

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