Present where the wind prevails

The Tschudi Group is a diversified company with many business activities. We seek to combine local presence and good alliances with our competences. One example is building on our strong presence in Estonia and focus on the offshore wind sector.

With an active summer, we continue to grow within the wind industry. Several projects in both ship management and logistics have drawn on our combined inhouse resources and competences.  

It was therefore a great pleasure to be invited to participate at the recent “Norwegian Estonian Offshore Wind Roundtable” hosted by the Norwegian Embassy in Tallinn. The importance of this industry and its significant growth was highlighted by the attendance of Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store and Estonian Minister of Climate Kristen Michal.

The Tschudi Group was represented by Jon Edvard Sundnes, CEO of Tschudi Shipping Company. This was an excellent opportunity for Tschudi to meet  other stakeholders with an interest in renewable energy. 

Photos: Norwegian Embassy in Tallinn

The most important conclusion from the fruitful roundtable was the need for close collaboration across the Nordic and Baltic countries within supply chains, the development phases of offshore wind, and security around infrastructure in the Baltic Sea.

Discussions also confirmed that tight cooperation between Norway and Estonia is highly relevant for the green transition. Both countries are fairly new to offshore wind, but have high and clear ambitions for this sector. Our host the Norwegian Embassy confirms their dedication to further develop this partnership and are committed to facilitating future discussions and collaborations in the region. 

The potential for future growth is enormous and all regions globally are expected to contribute to help curb climate change. With offices in many European countries, the Tschudi Group is hands-on for existing and future developments.

Sundnes concludes: “Already being well recognized in this sector, we will work hard and focused to remain a trusted and preferred supplier – always with safety and environment as a core value.”

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