An active summer within offshore wind

We have had an active summer and continue to grow within the offshore wind sector.

Several projects this summer have drawn on the combined resources and competencies of the Tschudi Group. We pride ourselves on offering complete solutions for our clients no matter the complexity and challenges at hand.

Tschudi Ship Management, Tschudi Personnel Services and Tschudi Logistics joined forces in Estonia to assist and charter the tug Panda required by our client Fugro for the Utilitas buoy installation at the Saare-Liivi wind farm.

Not only a Tschudi cooperation but one also involving several other Estonian companies. This exercise is likely to be copied in Finland and other Baltic countries. Read more here.

Preparing the buoy for installation.

During this summer Tschudi Ship Management has also been involved in re-activation and conversion of several previously laid up vessels purchased by our clients for use in the offshore wind market as well as the subsea market.

Being present in many countries means we benefit from our local, well-established networks. Our position within this sector is strengthened further as several of the Tschudi Ship Management vessels continue to support wind related projects.  

Also, Tschudi Logistics’ regular transports – the latest being tailored deliveries of wind turbine frames from Poland to the French Saint-Nazaire project.

With many countries, including Poland and Estonia, fast-tracking offshore wind projects we are certainly well positioned for the future developments!

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