M/V MUUGA - Technical specifications

Type of vesselMultipurpose Dry Cargo Vessel
IMO 9103738
Year build, Yard1995 Damen Shipyard Hoogezand, Netherlands
Length O A90.67 m
Length between P P84.95 m
Beam (extreme)15.80 m
Depth moulded5.80 m
Draft, summer4.63 m
Dead-weight3200 M.T
Gross tonnage GT2658
Net tonnage NT1216
Light ship1515M.T
Vol. of segregated ballast1947.572 m³
No. of cargo holds1
Capacity 100%3990 m³
Capacity GrainN/A
Capacity Bale3990 m³
FO capacity194.02 m³
GO capacity51.65 m³
FW capacity57.112 m³
FO/day steaming14.5 M.T IFO180
Main Engines1 x Wärtsila 8R32E
Output ME3280 kW
Auxiliary Engines2 x Scania DS 11 69 M40
Auxiliary kW203 kW / 180 kW
Speed Fully loaded

14.4 knots