M/V Maj Danielsen technical specifications

Type:Multipurpose boxshaped single/tweendecker Selfsustained Container Feeder
DWAT/DRAFT sfb:4100 mt/6,47m
Built: 11/1985, Sietas Hamburg Type 111a
Holds:1 boxlike, steelfloored
Hatches:1: 51,35 x 12,575 m. Hydraulic folding type
Class:BV+I 3/3 e cargo/container deep sea, str. for heavy cargo
Cubic (feet):196.100/193.210 G/B
Gear:2 NMF Cranes. Each up to 30 mt SWL. Combinable to 60 mt. H/L spreader on board.
Engine:Wärtsila 6R32 2220kw/720r. Shaftgenerator. Bowthruster.

Cargo hold: Tweendeck adjustable 3 different heights. Electrically ventilated 25 airchanges. Certified for loading IMDG class 1 cargo

Container load: Fully fitted for 256 TEU incl high cubes 9'6''. Able of loading about 170 TEU of 14 tons. Fitted with 20 reefer plugs on deck 380v/50 cycl. Bridgecontrolled anti heeling ballast system.

Speed/Consumption: 12,5 knots on 8,5 mt IFO 100 CST.