Changes to our Logistics organisation


The Tschudi Group starts 2021 off with a change to our Logistics organisation.  The Tschudi tank container business in Finland, Tschudi Container Tank Transport OY,  has been sold to the Dutch company, Den Hartogh Logistics BV., following more than 20 years of cooperation.  We trust that Den Hartogh, also a family business, that last year celebrated its 100th birthday, will provide a professional and focused environment ensuring the best prerequisites for the bulk team to prosper in today's fast changing environment.

The other logistics activities of the Tschudi Group in Finland will be continued uninterrupted in Tschudi Logistics Oy. 

The deal helps our Logistics segment focus, further develop and expand project and forwarding activities not only in Europe but also worldwide.  During 2020 other Tschudi Logistics activities increased further, including a steep ramp up in Mozambique and Holland. Tschudi Logistics in Poland was also opened in Q4 2020. During  2021 we also expect to add 1-2 new locations.

Jussi Heinonen who has worked with us since 2014 will take on the responsibilities as Managing Director for the Tschudi Finnish office in Turku.

For more information, please contact Eskil Ødegaard: