Tschudi now calling Port of Szczecin

Meeting customer demand, Tschudi Logistics is now pleased to offer Poland on their Baltic Line sailing schedule. Tschudi Lines Baltic Sea will make weekly calls to the Port of Szczecin, linking Poland with Norway and the UK.

In order to be close to and serve customers in the best possible way, Tschudi Logistics will operate with their own local office in Szczecin.  This new venture will strengthen Tschudi Logistics’ market position in the Baltic region.

Eskil Ødegaard from Tschudi Logistics comments: “From the very first call of our vessels to Szczecin, the interest from Polish exporters has been very positive. Export volumes have proven that the decision to call Szczecin was correct and the timing good.  The Polish economy is expected to gain momentum in 2014 and with around 80% of Poland’s exports going to Europe there is definitely potential out there.”

Tschudi Logistics owns and operates the two short sea container lines Tschudi Lines Baltic Sea and Tschudi Lines North Sea.  North Sea links the Oslo Fjord with Denmark, UK and Holland and Baltic Sea links the Baltic region with Northern Europe.  With their Lines, Tschudi offers a full door-to-door container service covering the whole of Europe, Russia and neighbouring countries.

Sailing schedules are available on our website www.tschudilogistics.com.

For more detailed information, please contact:

Eskil Ødegaard, Managing Director, Tschudi Logistics Holding AS

Tel. +47 91 79 76 48